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Christmas 2023

We're getting ready for the festive season!


In addition to our full range of products, we are pleased to offer these seasonal specialties.

Last date for holiday orders: 18 December 2023

Collection from St Albans Market or our commercial kitchen in Kings Langley


Homemade Organic Chestnut/Gesztenyés (Christmas edition) £13
Walnut (with raisin)/Diós (mazsolával) £11
Poppy Seeds/Mákos £11
Apple, Poppy Seeds, Walnut/Almás, mákos, diós £12 


Traditional cakes
Walnut Zserbó/Diós Zserbó £2.50/slice
Honey Cake/Mézes Zserbó £2.50/slice

Flodni £4/slice

Biscuits & cookies
Festive macarons £9/pack of 6
Snow Crescent/Hókifli £2.50/piece or 5/£10

Isler £2.20/piece or 3/£6

Gingerbread biscuits 5/£3


£12.50/half or £25/whole (most flavours)

£30/whole (sour cherry)


Apple & mincemeat (Christmas edition)
Poppy Seed/Mákos
Poppy Seed-Blueberry/Áfonyás-mákos
Cottage Cheese/Túrós


Sautéed Red Cabbage/Káposztás
Cottage Cheese & Mushroom & Spinach/Túrós, Gombás, Spenótos
Broccoli and Stilton

Savoury Scones/Pogácsa

Mature Cheddar Cheese/Sajtos £10/kg
Cottage Cheese/Túrós £12/kg
Pork scratching/Tepertős £12/kg


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