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Beyond strudels....
We are pleased to offer a range of Hungarian and European delicacies, available on our market stall or by special order.


Traditional pastry of sweet dough rolled with a filling. Available with poppyseed, walnut, or poppyseed-apple-walnut. £10 (serves 4-6)

Diós zserbó

Walnut cake with many thin layers, topped with chocolate. £2.5/ slice


A Jewish delicacy: dairy-free cake with four layers (poppyseed, walnut, apple, and plum compote). £4/slice


Chestnut parfait - a traditional Hungarian dessert with layers of whipped cream and homemade organic chestnut pureé. £3


Popular traditional Eastern European dessert consisting of a creamy light vanilla custard between two layers of flaky pastry. £3/ slice


Chimney Cake - a market classic made to order! Available in Cinnamon, Vanilla, Chocolate, and assorted special flavors at our market stall. £5

Lemon & poppyseed cake

A teatime classic. £2.5/ slice or £30/ whole

Mézes zserbó

Honey cake with many thin layers and topped with chocolate. £2.5/slice

Parmesan & rosemary biscuits

Savoury shortbread biscuits which pair well with white or red wine.


Traditional Hungarian fruit pie with sponge and filling according to the season. Varieties include pumpkin (pictured), spiced plum, sour cherry, and more. £2.5/ slice or £30/ whole


Fluffy scone made with aged cheese. £2

Rákóczi túrós

Hungarian specialty with a shortcrust pastry crust, light sweetened cheese curd filling, and meringue top dotted with apricot preserve. £4/ slice or £45/whole

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